i justify my silliness.

A few days ago, I blogged about Stella McCartney’s new kids collection for Gap and seriously thought about adding a piece (or two??) to my closet. But I thought better and saw a couple problems: 1. going to the Gap kids store and asking for a dressing room (with no child in tow…) and 2. um FYI the clothes are for k-i-d-s and these aren’t like size 16 kids – we’re talking toddlers. But it seems like I wasn’t the only one liking Stella’s new designs. SheFinds.com and I happen to be on the same wavelength and they actually sent someone out to try on the little girl clothes. Hmm maybe I’m not crazy after all! But whether I myself will enter a Gap kids store and try on the duds is a different matter… The last time I did was when I basically freaked out (or raised eyebrows in that sort of pompous way) the woman at Burberry when I tried on a boy’s coat. Haha I kind of wish I got that coat.


    • janis
    • November 6th, 2009

    that’s awesome. sometimes boys clothes are better than the ones they have for girls.

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