farewell for now.

Have you ever considered the following: Even when you don’t do anything, you are still making a decision. Someone recently said that to me and those words have been endlessly swirling around in my head… for days. Not to get philosophical on this silly blog or anything (I was never one to philosophize anyway), but I do have quite a bit of thinking to do. Or, I feel like I do. Therefore, I will need time to “declutter” my personal life and will have to whisper, in a possibly really terrible French accent, au revoir for the time being. To be honest, I’m not really sure when I will resume blogging again – tomorrow, next week, December? I don’t know! Maybe it doesn’t matter.

However, to find me is easy, so even if I am not on here, I will be available elsewhere (most likely reading as there are about 40 titles in my list, or maybe working like a busy bee haha).

And, if you’d like, you can take a look at the shop… Items are regularly updated. And see my current favourite:

See you…

sincerely, c.


shoes for later.

As I took a moment to dawdle, I found myself many interesting and innovative shoes… that will probably never make it to my closet haha — either too eccentric to too much dinero ! But still, looking is always innocuous, right? What’s the most you’ll spend on a pair of youhavetohavethem shoes?

–Givenchy Face Suede Wedge Shoes [image – http://awomanandhershoes.com%5D

–Camilla Skovgaard Wedge Ankle Boots [image – http://www.singer22.com%5D

–Giuseppe Zanotti Printed Leopard Boot Wedges [image – http://leytyranno.blogspot.com%5D

–Tata Naka leather Foldover Pearl Wedge Boots [image – http://www.shoescollector.fr%5D

–Viktor & Rolf Shearling Low Boot Wedges [image – http://www.shoehunting.com%5D

–Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Winged High Top Sneakers [image – http://www.shoehunting.com%5D

–Alejandro Ingelmo Criss Cross Ankle Boots [image – http://awomanandhershoes.com%5D

–Aperlai Nappa Suede Fox Fur Ankle Boots [image – http://www.shoehunting.com%5D

–Bruno Frisoni Calf and Elasticated Strap Boots [image – http://theshoegoddess.com%5D

–Charlotte Olympia Laser Cut Calf Satin Bow Boots [image – http://www.shoesforwomen.com%5D

~If you’re actually interested in purchasing, I know these are all available on Luisaviaroma.com ;)


No cuts. No color. Just blowouts. Only $35.

drybar – LA’s blowdry bar.


The place is called drybar. It’s in Los Angeles. They do your hair, like a salon, but only blowdry it. Blowdrying is their specialty, so I guess it’s great for weddings and such. And they serve you drinks at the same time. Going along with the bar theme, you choose from blowouts with names like Cosmopolitan and Straight Up.

This might be the most interesting concept I’ve come across in quite awhile! Plus, navigating the website is kind of fun just by itself; it’s a very aesthetically pleasing website design, yeah? Dive right in here. I love all the pops of yellow.

[images: VanityFair.com article from February 2010]

Personally, I think I’d go just to see the really cool yellow hairdryer chandelier!


Model + Godzilla = Modzilla

Hahahaha…haha…ha… Fine, not funny. Lame.

–Miranda Kerr makes her way across stomps Golden Gate Bridge. Cool photoshopping, no?

[photo from this flickr account] –FYI: some of the modified photos are, well, NSFW.

Here she is in her normal setting:

[image: http://nymag.com/fashion/models%5D –Oh, and she’s actually clothed here (mostly, anyway)! Is it just me, or is she often seen posing naked everywhere?

inspiration no. 614.

“Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” – The Little Prince

Mr. Antoine de Saint-Exupery knew what he was writing. I think it’s a shame how so many of us have forgotten to care for our animals, our environment, our home, our life… Be mindful!

lea michele.

I don’t watch Glee and don’t ever intend to, but this photo captured a really terrific night for Lea Michele. How lovely is she in this Zac Posen number? Pretty pretty pretty.

[image: InStyle.com]

food, inc.

I am really behind the times, but I finally watched Food, Inc. The documentary really does change how you perceive food and makes you question if you truly do know exactly what you are eating. If the saying “You are what you eat” holds any truth, then now is the time to be more careful than ever!

[image: netflix.com]

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t care for documentaries because you find them boring and would much rather immerse yourself in fiction (which I also love!), I would say that this is one documentary you would have to watch. In fact, don’t label it as a documentary. It’s about food – something that every single one of us needs to survive – and if you genuinely care for your body and the people in your life (which you do, I’m sure!), then I promise you, this isn’t just some movie. It’s addressing your life and is a very personal issue, and as a result, I think it definitely forces you to reconsider your shopping cart on your next trip to the grocery store. For more information, visit this.

Also, to consider: Supersize Me (2004) if you’re still indulging in fast food.

Hurray for eating right!